Saturday, June 15, 2013


Today was the first non-rainy day in ages. I didn't have the energy to cut the lawn which is getting fairly deep... but I did have the energy to plant the few flowers I bought last night into my planters on the back stairs. I have a policy of trying never to spend money on flowers so I limited myself to $5 - total came in at just $4.48! I'd much rather divide and share plants and spend my hard-earned cash on wine!

Here are the results of my puttering...
Most of my planters are filled with various sedums that somehow survive the winter in the garage. In late spring I pull them out looking all pale and stringy. Within days they have perked up and turned their lovely pale and deep greens and burgundies. I usually add a few cheap annuals for colour - this year deep purple petunias, lighter purple alyssum and a white lobelia.
The collection on the wall started when two hubcaps appeared out of the melted snowpiles near our driveway one spring. Now anything round (that should be trash!) makes its way onto the wall.

More recycling in the garden...
Yup, it's a toilet tank, but doesn't it look like one of those really expensive ceramic planters? It's filled with chunks of styrofoam packaging to make it light enough to move into the garage in the winter. Note the bits of broken teacup. And a broken teaspoon handle. I don't know.

The toasters are a big hit. My dad gave me the first one (at the bottom). It didn't work but he thought I might like it for decoration. The second one (middle) came from a friend who said "It's to add to your collection." I said, "I don't have a collection." She said, "Now you do." The third was a christmas present for my husband. It made one piece of toast and burst into a tiny flame.

After perking up the planters,  I decided to tackle the back porch. It's a bit neglected. I started with this candle holder which I never use because a) we never hang out on the back porch at night and b) I'm a bit afraid of putting flame next to this obviously tinderboxy porch wall. So, I put some creeping thyme that is overtaking my other garden into these little pots. I hot glued them on so they won't be swept away by a vigorous wind.

You can se the planter above the chair. The bunting was moved from the front porch this spring. I like it here. It gets more flapping action. 

Finally, my favourite putter of the day. On the right is a candle holder that hasn't had candles since I left the glass holders in it over the winter. They filled with water and snow, then froze solid and broke. I've filled these ubiquitous KW teacups with creeping thyme and one morning glory each. They too are hot glued to the candle rack. The wreath has an ingenious hidden bit of dirt in a slice from a juice container. It's tied on at the bottom and filled with the thyme. There's also a wee plastic bag at the upper left with more dirt and thyme. I feel this will likely fail but it looks cute today!

Only 10 more working days until summer vacation. Not that I'm counting. 


  1. Love all your planters, what a great idea!
    We are having our coldest wettest June since 1991!
    A bracing 11 degrees, cold for us........

    1. We're just starting summer here and it's also cool - at 20 degrees. Normally around 24...


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